Epigenesis Mission & Vision

Our mission and vision is to help you lead healthier lives so you can better fulfill your life’s purpose.

We accomplish this by creating an online, open source and accessible platform (a virtual library, aka a “cloud”) and communicate “meaning” to epigenetics researchers, academics, scientists, practitioners, students, clients and you.

  • EDUCATE you, researchers, healers (allopathic and homeopathic) clients and students
  • CREATE a curated information repository and collection of all epigenetic studies and research
  • FACILITATE project coordination among researchers and business entities
  • BUILD trust among practitioners and academics to instigate creative research

We communicated in the business case the need for transforming the healthcare system, but we now explore how one can transform their lives. Also, there are the very practical social, organizational and policy applications that epigenetics opens up to the world. We will explore those possibilities in this section.

Imagine never again hearing the words from an allopathic physician, “you have third stage or fourth stage cancer.” Instead, you hear from that same medical doctor, “you have cancer and you can heal yourself!” Through a potential and powerful combination of integrative, homeopathic and epigenetic therapies, for example, you eliminate the cancer forever. The research from such “mainstream” clinics such as Dana-Farber, Mayo, Johns Hopkins, Banner, MD Anderson, McGill University, Salk Institute, Duke University, Harvard University and the Linus Pauling Institute, for example, have completed and published studies that demonstrate the power of intention, the power of nutrigenomics, psychogenomics and the value of how we can change our beliefs to re-write our perceptions and hence, change our genes and our behavior.

We know that beliefs create perceptions that impact your self-esteem, your relationships with others, your prosperity, performance, your mental and physical health and how you see the world. Our beliefs are conclusions about our world view that come to us from a combination of information and experiences and are either conscious or sub-conscious. Our virtual library will provide the researcher, academic, scientist and healing practitioner the ability to get the best information at the earliest possible moment. That information then can inform our choices which comprise our experiences.

Our database will be catalogued and organized in such a manner that the studies and reports are easily found and useable. Summaries, written in plain language, but attached to the original work will make it easy for the academic researcher to find and utilize. The curated summaries will also be available to the non-academic just looking for information, knowledge and insight.

In hopehealth.com, seven emerging mega-trends were identified recently that impact healing and wellness. In a survey conducted of wellness directors and human resource managers the following trends were identified that give further credence to the importance of Epigenesis. The problems identified were:

  • Lack of participation in wellness programs;
  • Lack of employee engagement, energy and motivation;
  • Lack of productivity;
  • Rising healthcare costs.

We believe that with our focus through social media, self-care tools, technology and health literacy, we can and will mitigate issues leading to more productive organizations, healthier employees, greater cost savings and more intelligent consumers of healthcare products and services.

In 1952, the book The Power of Positive Thinking, by Norman Vincent Peale, made its way to millions (6+ million books sold, translated into 15 languages) of readers. His message of faith, positive affirmations, meditation, belief and attracting abundance are emblematic of what we can read in any number of books on theology and religion. Today, we have thousands of books (and in fact an entire industry), on healing, happiness, wealth, attracting your heart’s desire and videos called The Secret, What the Bleep…, and The Matrix that show us how we can choose to live in our world. We might call this learning how to recognize and implement personal response-ability! While we may choose an alternative way to be in the world, we can, with the best information and help, choose to live in a world that regenerates resources, creates abundance, mitigates conflict, and heal ourselves and one another. In essence, that is the mission of Epigenesis.

Medical Disclaimer

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