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Confronting Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias NOW: An Evidenced-Based Holistic Guide

“Preventing Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias NOW” is an aggregation and curation of the scientific evidence of holistic, non-invasive interventions that applied individually have been shown to mitigate cognitive decline.

Taken together systemically, and with expert behavioral coaching, we believe that someone who is concerned about cognitive decline may be able to slow or even prevent the onset of dementia if started early enough in one’s life.

Our book is a collection of the most promising scientific studies, key trade publications and other forms of media that have been shown to be linked to these mitigation efforts.

Literally, thousands of articles have been aggregated, curated and summarized. As everyone knows, there is no cure for dementia, but we might be able to slow it down or prevent it. Our book and our healthcare coaches guide you as to how.

The studies are emblematic of our protocol, BEEMS, which represents the “gold standard” of behavioral interventions (randomized-controlled trials, double-blind, placebo studies and published in a peer-reviewed journal) that are emergent from the Body, Emotion, Environment, Mind and Spirit domains.

We Are Epigenesis Corporation

Epigenesis Corporation is dedicated to promoting the general health and wellness of all people in the world through advocacy, education, research and service. We are the first global organization established to capture, curate and disseminate academic, scientific and user friendly research and applications in the new science of epigenetics.

Epigenesis Corporation Executive Summary

Epigenesis derives its name from the Greek word epi meaning above, and genetics, the study of heredity and the variation of inherited characteristics or epigenetics. The epigenome controls how our DNA responds to our environment. Epigenesis is a for-profit “Benefit Corporation”. Our mission is to change the direction of health and wellness, healthy aging and the future of healthcare, globally, so people can live their lives to their best and highest good. In the past 10 years, 50,000 epigenetic-based academic and scientific research studies have led to findings of the relationship between the environment and a host of disorders which include, for example, long-term memory function, cancer, the mentally challenged, immune disorders, neuropsychiatric disorders and pediatric disorders. We are bringing this knowledge to the public. Someone around the world is diagnosed with dementia every 3 seconds and dementia will become a trillion dollar disease in a few years. It is estimated that 46.8 million people worldwide are living with dementia and that number will double every 20 years (estimated global market size of $120 billion to treat a percentage of nearly 100 million potential clients). The cost of dementia is expected to rise to $2 trillion by 2030. In a recent study, people cited Alzheimer’s as the scariest health condition of later life (54 percent), more than cancer, stroke, heart disease, diabetes and arthritis combined. ,,,Read More

Post #3 Dementia’s Impacts

The numbers are astounding! Every three seconds someone in the world is diagnosed with dementia. Nearly 50 million people worldwide have dementia and this number is projected to be 75 million in just ten years! Dementia is a huge problem for those family members...

The Why and How of Our Book, “Confronting Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias”

I met Linda, my friend of nearly 40 years and we drove together to attend the farewell gathering for her husband, Bill, at Banner Alzheimer’s Research Institute in Sun City, Arizona. At Bill’s farewell, Dr. Marwan Sabbagh spoke about the Banner Mission and the legacy...

Blog Topics to be Explored

Dementia and the nature of the problem, growth rates, statistics and other dementias; Current efforts to mitigate cognitive decline; BEEMS and the failures, actual or predicted by other approaches; The POINTER Study; Caregiving (a series of those issues);...

Dealing With Dementia (True Story)

Dementia: 1st Incident: Imagine This Happening To You: You hear Mom yelp from the bathroom and run to check on her and find her irrational and quivering on the bathroom floor. You ask her what the trouble is and all she...

The Biology Of Belief

Biology of Belief - by Bruce Lipton

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