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Post #3 Dementia’s Impacts

The numbers are astounding! Every three seconds someone in the world is diagnosed with dementia. Nearly 50 million people worldwide have dementia and this number is projected to be 75 million in just ten years! Dementia is a huge problem for those family members...

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Blog Topics to be Explored

Dementia and the nature of the problem, growth rates, statistics and other dementias; Current efforts to mitigate cognitive decline; BEEMS and the failures, actual or predicted by other approaches; The POINTER Study; Caregiving (a series of those issues);...

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Dealing With Dementia (True Story)

Dementia: 1st Incident: Imagine This Happening To You: You hear Mom yelp from the bathroom and run to check on her and find her irrational and quivering on the bathroom floor. You ask her what the trouble is and all she...

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Epigenetics: Why Megatrends Matter

Megatrends are our knowledge and belief about our probable future. We know for example that our global population is aging. We also know that technology, healthcare, the environment, networks and communities are all changing dramatically. The one megatrend we see that...

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