Epigenesis Corporation Executive Summary

144-Logo2-FExecutive Summary of Epigenesis Corporation (not a solicitation for capital or any type of funding)

Company Introduction

Epigenesis derives its name from the Greek word epi meaning above, and genetics, the study of heredity and the variation of inherited characteristics or epigenetics. The epigenome controls how our DNA responds to our environment.

Epigenesis is a for-profit “Benefit Corporation”. Our mission is to change the direction of health and wellness, healthy aging and the future of healthcare, globally, so people can live longer lives to their best and highest good.

In the past 10 years, 50,000 epigenetic-based academic and scientific research studies have led to findings of the relationship between the environment and a host of disorders which include, for example, long-term memory function, cancer, the mentally challenged, immune disorders, neuropsychiatric disorders and pediatric disorders. We are bringing this knowledge to the public.

Someone around the world is diagnosed with dementia every 3 seconds and dementia will become a trillion dollar disease in a few years. It is estimated that 46.8 million people worldwide are living with dementia and that number will double every 20 years (estimated global market size of $120 billion to treat a percentage of nearly 100 million potential clients).

The cost of dementia is expected to rise to $2 trillion by 2030. In a recent study, people cited Alzheimer’s as the scariest health condition of later life (54 percent), more than cancer, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis combined.

Our patent-pending mitigation protocol (called BEEMS, which represents aspects of the Body-Emotion-Environment-Mind-Spirit) is designed to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s/dementia symptoms. The protocol is evidenced-based (empirical/scientific research) but will be implemented with client data being taken through the oversight of board certified physicians. After a risk assessment is determined, then certified and licensed medical family therapists will work with our clients as coaches and therapists to provide non-invasive interventions (again, evidenced-based), additional diagnostics and follow through.

Clients will have access to a counselor throughout their lifetime for an annualized check-up at no cost.

This builds a benchmark for any changes and improvement and it also provides a rich source of longitudinal data that will enable us to report in the appropriate outlets and journals in the field.

Caregivers, who are typically unpaid family members, suffer from the stress, sadness, and anger of caring for their loved ones and are not accounted for in terms of their impact on the global economy. We will provide a community-based forum for them as well as counseling referrals and resources.

Future growth of our company includes application into almost every disease and disorder with an emphasis on telemedicine applications, wearable diagnostics and developing clinics and sustainable/regenerative living, training and demonstration or educational spaces.

The company will work with doctoral and post-doctoral students at a Research 1 university to aggregate, curate and disseminate information that summarizes scientific studies from the field of epigenetics, with an emphasis on Alzheimer’s disease (AD), dementia and other forms of cognitive-neuro disorders.

This curated data and information will be used to inform and better educate the general public, researchers and scholars on what is epigenetics. There will be little or no cost. This “disruptive innovation” is reflective of a Benefit Corporation in doing “good” in its community and helping individuals take personal responsibility for their personal health and wellness. Through this education effort, the company will become a key source for its credibility, integrity, authenticity, transparency and become the reliable source for information on the epigenome and epigenetics.

As a Benefit Corporation, we will give a share of our profits to research institutes, universities and community-based health and wellness centers that are working on basic research and applying that research to improve the health and wellness of their individual communities. We also anticipate that our work will influence public policy and individual and community behavior in a positive manner.

For additional information, contact Dr. Barry K. Spiker at barry.spiker@epigenesiscorp.com or 480-721-7308, or www.epigenesiscorp.com.