Colorful DNA

Megatrends are our knowledge and belief about our probable future. We know for example that our global population is aging. We also know that technology, healthcare, the environment, networks and communities are all changing dramatically. The one megatrend we see that impacts every living person on our planet is the emerging science of epigenetics, i.e., where biology intersects with technology and genetics.

Personalized or individualized medicine is taking center stage. But taking personal responsibility for one’s health and wellness is only part of the equation. Self-care tools, technologies and approaches will lead to new, or in some cases frightening, senses of personal empowerment. Our lives will reflect our ability to access technology, information systems, communities of practitioners and greater understanding of what lies beneath our skin.

It has been said that our DNA is NOT our destiny! That is to say, that solid empirical evidence is emerging that suggests that where we live, who we live with, how we respond to our environments, how we engage with others, what we think, what we do, what we eat, where we travel, how we travel and what we believe will ALL have an impact on our health and well-being.

That is why we started this web site. What we have discovered in these past few years is that the unseen, unconscious, un-felt and unheard of “fields” of energy connect us with all other forms of energy, globally. Remember, we cannot create or destroy energy-it just is! How we access it, engage it and use it, is entirely our responsibility. This web site is dedicated to the free-flow, open sourcing of information that can and will change your life. We welcome you, your families, friends and colleagues to explore more about the dramatic impact of better understanding your epigenome and how that understanding will change your life for the best and highest good.

How we respond to our environment is almost always within our own purview. What we think, say, do, what we eat and drink, where we travel, how we travel, who we travel with, where we live, how we live, what we read, who we engage and how we interact with others. In short, everything that is a part of our make-up and behavior is within our domain and our control.

Epigenetics is the relatively new science that transcends biology and genetics and is metaphorically described as the “software” that drives our “hardware” (our DNA/genetics), can be passed from generations, is influenced by our environments (internal and external) and has the potential for stopping all forms of chronic and debilitating disease, pain and infirmities. Epigenetics will transform all approaches to medicine and finally bridge the immense gap of eastern and western methods of how medicine is practiced.

Epigenetics will merge bio-energetic (eastern) with bio-chemical (western) through the forms of personalized medicine that will reflect one’s intention and one’s information. Tapping into one’s intention appears to be the hard part, but not really. When we enter a deeper level of consciousness or meditative state, we are already there. The key to understanding is knowing that at a conscious level we process about 40-50 bits of information per second and that at a sub-conscious level we process 4-5 million bits per second!

In essence we can choose to respond or listen to our sub-conscious, our “gut”, instincts or intuition, or we can choose to react with behavior that reflects our implicit world view and shuts down the deeper listening embedded in our sub-conscious and our epigenome. How and what we select as evidence for our opinions can manifest in our becoming healthier or not.

DNA is not our destiny